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We partner with your company to solve your interconnect problems. We have designed and produced power distribution systems for hundreds of applications. Our partners include Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Boeing, Raytheon, Eaton, Tektronix, and International Rectifier.

For more information or references from our world-wide customer base, please Contact Us.


At BASIC we have a lot to offer… complete engineering services, electronic layout and design, high reliability assembly and of course, high performance flex and rigid circuitry and connectors - all on time, on budget and guaranteed to do the job. Visit our website – view our facility and product walkthrough. Request a design manual and a list of certifications. Schedule a “Lunch and Learn” to see and hear about BASIC’s new products and capabilities. Or call us at (714) 530-2400.


We’ll show you that, no matter how complex the problem, the solution… is


For 30 years we’ve stayed ahead in a highly-competitive industry, by solving our client’s problems.  We enjoy challenges: engineering and manufacturing problems that stump everyone else. We’ve found we can often solve these problems with a new approach or a novel design - and circuitry that works.  Flex circuitry solves problems that other approaches don’t. And we provide flex that other suppliers can’t. 

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