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  • Flex & Rigid/Flex IPC-6013, Type 1-4, Class 1-3

  • Connector / Component Assembly. IPC-J-STD-001, IPC-A-610

  • Extended pin/tab, step etched single and multilayer

  • “PIT” Pressure Interconnection Technology.  Flex and connectors

  • PCB’s all levels and assemblies to IPC 6012

  • Bus Bars-Power and wire wrap pin

  • Membrane switch panels

  • Custom EMI shields

  • Photo chemical etching, machining

Unique technology

           PIT “Pressure Interconnection Technology” is a tested and Proven, High Reliability  

           interconnection, providing contact mating forces in excess of 200 psi per circuit, in

           comparison to industry standard connectors, having mating forces measured in grams.

           Electrical contact  resistance is 5.5-7.0 milliohms per circuit, 70% better than standard

           Nano connectors.  Current capacity is > 3 amps per circuit . The Nano PIT BULL shown

           below, has 102 circuits with an overall size of 1.5” L X .24”W X .16”H.  This configuration

           has SMT mounting on one side and PIT on the opposing side.  This facilitates standard

           SMT assembly while not  requiring a mating connector for interconnection to another

           rigid or flexible PWB.

“PIT BULL”  connectors are available in 3 types and 3 termination configurations.


            Nano, Micro and D-Sub with termination configuration having PIT on one side and

available with PIT, SMT or PC tails on the other. Circuit count can be specifically

designed to your needs.  We will customize PIT BULL connectors to address your

specific circuit requirements for signal and power.

 “PIT BULL”  is the connector solution for your severe environment and limited

space applications with versatility, tested Aerospace performance and reliability.


Contact us, make the complex problem a Basic solution.  Basics Engineers look

forward to work with you and offer our Engineering, Manufacturing, Assembly,

Test and Certification capabilities.   



  • Receipt and control of your documentation; via Representative, Email, secure FTP site or download from your secure site.

  • Complete engineering review of documentation, direct communication to establish a 100% clear understanding of requirements and/or answers to questions necessary for quotation.


  • Offer technical input to provide the most manufacturable  product of the highest quality at the best overall cost.


  • Complete engineering and layout, drawings in Solidworks if required.

    • Manufacturing aids, special fixtures, dies and electrical test fixture design and fabrication.


  • Complete CAM setup for manufacturing.


Available processing capabilities to support the manufacturing of your product:



  • CNC Drilling and Routing

  • Through hole copper plating

  • Chemical photo fabrication – chemical etching

  • Platen press and vacuum lamination

  • Plasma cleaning and etch back

  • Precision Die cutting

  • Forming and heat setting – metals & flex

  • Potting, over coating and conformal coating

  • Component assembly, hand and Pick & Place

  • Electrical testing, with or without thermal cycling of circuits and sub-assemblies

  • Clean room Class 1000 with Class 100 work stations

  • Packaging, ESD and nitrogen purge

  • Micro-sectioning and photography

  • Precious metal finishing, ENIG, Hard & Soft Gold, Nickel, Anodize, Chem Film

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